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Treat Yourself to the Dry Bar


I had the pleasure of an invitation to The Dry Bar in Charleston, SC on Kings Street recently.  I had never really thought much about these types of places as I felt they were more for the younger girls.  When I received this invite, I accepted because I felt this was my chance to go and get a first hand preview of the experience.  I was so glad I went and had a great time. It was more than I expected.

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Okay – I’m over 50. What can I say?

As I was doing my daily routine of getting dressed, I have this ritual where I always dump my entire make-up bag out onto the bathroom counter.  I think because there is so much stuff in there I can never find anything.  It is kind of like the big pocketbook issue all women face.  Everything goes to the bottom.  This morning was no different.  I dumped it out only after thinking about how freaking heavy it is now.


I promise you I have been trying to downsize for the past year.  And the bad thing about it is none of these items are old.  I am very careful to throw out the old and not keep it forever.  The problem I am having now is I have turned into the woman I did not want to become who worries about her looks.  Yes – it is true.  I always thought that would not happen to me but it has.  I look in the mirror and think “Man, I am losing definition in my cheekbones, my eyes are getting so many lines around them, my face is starting to drupe.  OMGosh – what am I going to do.  The truth is if you are over 50 I don’t know anyone in my small circle of friends who isn’t feeling the same thing.  My BFF and I are always sharing the best things we have found to “turn back time”.  Well, that is a bunch of Who Who.  Nothing will turn back time normally.  That was not God’s plan.  We are suppose to age and hopefully age gracefully.  My problem is I am single.  I live in a world where men want a 30 or 40 year old, so my biological clock is ticking but in a different way.  It does make me sad to feel this way because I know I am a woman of value and dignity.  Someone reading this post is probably thinking if that were true she would not care what people think.  Honey, I don’t really care what people think.  I care what I think and right now I think I need to be the best person I can be which is why I am writing this blog and spilling my guts about everything.  Make-up for woman over 50 is a tough thing.  I have noticed recently that it isn’t as easy to apply as it used to be which tells me I am getting older skin.  This is scary but a fact of life.  I started out watching YouTube videos of all the new techniques.  How to highlight your face.  How to contour your cheeks. How to do your eye make-up and every video left me feeling like I needed to run out and buy something new to help me look younger.  I even realized the application of applying the make-up has to change.  I can’t do what I used to do to my eyes etc.  Then Glory Be, it hit me.  I was watching all the videos of the young 20 something make-up artists who look like Barbie dolls.  This is not me.  This is not my age.  How did I even start watching this?  That is what you get when you Google on Youtube how to apply make-up.  Now, I am not at this point in my life about to start a “How to apply make-up” video on YouTube.  What I am here to tell you now is we women over 50 need to simply our lives.  Leave all that gilts and glamour stuff to the 20/30 something year olds’.  My precious daughter just turned 29 and she is a beauty queen to me.  Her make-up is always flawless from her eyes to her checks to her lipstick.  I look at her in awe.  However, I can’t and probably should not even attempt to do all of the tricks and cover ups that are required to look like a baby doll.  Not referring to my daughter but to other females on social media, I have noticed they tend to look like plastic Baby Dolls.  Do they even know this?  OR, am I just old and don’t get the new make-up look?  Well, all I can say is I know me and I am an expert on me.  So with that being said, I have to simplify that big make-up bag and find what really works for me.

After I started layering on my face as we call it, I noticed the things I really like a lot which I don’t mind sharing with you.  The photo below are my must haves and I will tell you why.


To start with, I have learned I have to have primer.  When I first heard about primer I was like “Oh no, this is nothing but a gimmick to make you think you need it.” Not true.  I have applied my foundation with and without primer and I know my face looks better with primer.  I have purchased the expensive Benefits brand ($28) and now the ($6 ) E.L.F.  Target brand (which I like just as well) and I can visually see the difference when I wear primer under my foundation.  It fills in any pores etc and smooths out your skin to make it look so much better or in my case younger.

For foundation, I have used them all too.  The most expensive ($40) brands to now again the ($6) E.L.F brand from Target.  BTW,  I am not getting paid to promote any of these products.  I am just trying to share with you what I like and what works best for me right now.  The E.L.F. foundation smells nice.  I am all about the smells and if it does not smell good I can’t use it.  It glides on smooth.  I use Sand in the winter and have started using a small drop of Sand and a small drop of Buff and mixing them together for an in between color that is not too light or too dark for my summer foundation look.  The next thing I use which is a must have is my eyebrow pencil.

I have struggled my entire life with my eyebrows.  I am a natural blonde (who now gets highlights) and when you are a natural blonde by birth – let me throw out this, you have very light colored eyebrows.  As I have aged, they have gotten thin and sparse.  I have used so many different things from pencils to brow gels etc that I can’t remember them all but one thing I can tell you is I have spent a small fortune trying to look like I have beautiful eyebrows.  Why is this important to me?  Well, I believe eyebrows frame the face just like lipstick frames the face.  Those two items are the beginning and ending of your entire look.  I have had a rough road of learning how to make my eyebrows look real.  It has literally been a pain in the ass!  Excuse me Lord but this is the truth.  Have you ever walked up to someone with weird eyebrows and thought “Oh my goodness, what has she done to her eyebrows?” I am about 100% sure that has been said about me, but when you don’t have a lot to work with you do the best you can.  No one tried to teach me how to enhance them so thank God for YouTube.  It has been my place to learn about everything – even eyebrows.  So my favorite must have eyebrow pencil is the Benefits – Give Me Brows ($28).  I have used a ton of different types of brands and this one is the best.  I have also used the Benefits – Give Me Brows Eyebrow Gel ($28) but I have found that the NYX brand $7.99 is just as good so I switched.  What I do is use the brow pencils to shape them and fill them in.  Then I use the brow gel to go over my brow hair.  This kind of seals it all together.  I will tell you that with my ability to Google anything I have discovered Mircoblading.  I have this on my birthday list so watch out for this in the near future.

You might notice there are no eye shadows in this picture.  It does not mean I do not use them.  It means I like them all even though I am moving away from the shiny and sparkly ones to Mate finish shadows.  I have Urban Decay, LÓreal, etc and to me an eye shadow is just an eye shadow.  I have put on my bucket list to make an appointment with a professional make up artist who can teach me how to apply eye shadow for my age using the best colors to enhance my looks in a neutral finish instead of it looking like a black eye so I will keep you posted on this too.

After I apply primer, foundation, my eye brow routine, and eye shadow, I use the NYX concealer in peach.  I want to personally thank the Actress Molly Sims for doing a YouTube video on how to hide dark under eye circles.  This is an amazing trick; although, I am still learning the technique.  It has definitely helped me more than anything anyone has ever told me or any YouTube video I have watched.  I stumbled on her Instagram and I have always liked her since her days on the show Casino.  I decided to follow her and I am glad I did. She is such a nice person and her sweet family is adorable.  She adds her YouTube channel to her Instagram feed thus this is how I learned the peach concealer and how to apply.  Remember I am all about learning new tricks.  After you put on your eye shadow, not before, you will apply the peach concealer with a brush and stipple it into your skin to hide the dark circles.  When the peach concealers dries, then you can go back with a more natural looking concealer to put over the top of it.  Be careful ladies of our age!  I know from trial and error that our skin texture is softer than it once was so do not add a lot of natural looking concealer.  It will cake up and look like a mess.  I allow everything to dry before I take a damp beauty blender sponge and pat it into the skin.  I back off if it is too messy and push in more if I have applied too much.  Some days my eyes are more puffy than other days and this can affect my eye application too.  So on these days, I may skip the natural concealer because I am more worried about the dark circles. I feel like having the peach on is better than having a dark circle.

Once the concealer is dry, I use the E.L.F eye powder ($3) to matte the look.  This is very helpful as it hides the definition of where the eye goes into the cheek because when you are over 50 you start getting that sunken in eye look which I hate.  It helps to smooth it out and make it less noticeable but cautious on applying too much because that will make your eyes look old if you don’t do it sparingly.  Then I apply my mascara.  I am showing the It Cosmetic’s mascara ($28) only because I have it already but it is not something I will purchase again so just buy the one you like to use.  I would recommend using whatever you use to apply to your lashes first.  However, if you are not blessed with long eyelashes as I am not, I love the Better Than Sex Mascara.  It only comes in Black – I think and it has microfibers that attach to your eyelashes to enhance them to look longer than they are.  This stuff works great.  Just be careful about rubbing your eyes because the microfibers will fall off on your face if you do.  I mean it is make up so nothing is permanent.

Blush should always be the best color that compliments your skin tone.  Application is different when you are over 50.  The coloring of the apples of your cheeks is gone.  We are too old for that.  Lean more toward the sweep of he cheek bone.  I love pink for summer and I try to use a type of peach for winter – although I would probably ask the make-up artist on my list what she recommends for my skin tone and hair color.  I have tried the highlighters and the contour colors for enhancing your checks etc.  All I do is make a huge mess so I have learned to be simply and not try to focus on doing something that I don’t know how to do or even think will work for my age.

When I am finished, I take a tiny bite of mineral powder – not much – and pat in my t-zone to help control my oily skin.  I do not put this all over my face because it makes my foundation look cakey and makes me look old.  We need to stop doing things the way we used to do them.  Applying make up is no different.  The powdering all over your face is a thing of the past for older women.  We want to have a hydrated healthy look.  I am currently trying the setting spray to set my look so I don’t have to worry about oil control or my make-up changing from the morning to the afternoon.  I am trying the NYX setting spray but it is too early to tell if I like it or not.  I will let you know.  Maybe now that I have some new primer it will help more because it hasn’t made a difference yet.  PS, if you are wondering why I have Q-tips in the pic, it is because we all mess up.  We bump an eye or smear something that needs to be touched up.  The Q-tip is my magic eraser.  Do not wet it.  Leave it dry.  It works very well at erasing the mistakes we make during our morning routine.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have questions or can share any of your tricks in helping me hide wrinkles around my eyes before I decide to bust loose with the Botox!  JK but maybe not!  HA – Before and After.  Lord help me for posting the before. I could have at least smiled!    #Imnotshy  #naturalbeauty  #loveyourself  #makeupworksmiracles