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Treat Yourself to the Dry Bar


I had the pleasure of an invitation to The Dry Bar in Charleston, SC on Kings Street recently.  I had never really thought much about these types of places as I felt they were more for the younger girls.  When I received this invite, I accepted because I felt this was my chance to go and get a first hand preview of the experience.  I was so glad I went and had a great time. It was more than I expected.

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Hair Care Tips for Women Over 50

Me 2

In the middle of my morning ritual of getting dressed, it occurred to me I needed to blog today about hair care for women over 50 or really any age.  I can tell you I never thought I would need to change my hair care routine as I have gotten older but I did.  About a year ago, I started noticing how dry and brittle my hair had become.  It was getting harder and harder to style.  I am naturally blonde by birth but I do get high lights to keep my gray covered.  The one good thing about being naturally blonde is your gray hair is not as noticeable to anyone else – except yourself.

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Bangs and Hair Loss


First of all, I am not a photographer nor do I have one to take my pictures.  The quality is not what I hoped.  I don’t know all the fan-dangles of enhancing photos.  So I am apologizing in advance for any pictures on my blog that look terrible.

Now, let’s talk about Bangs!  Born with a high forehead (I don’t know who to thank for that!) and not to mention fine thin hair, I have struggled with my hair my entire life.  I go to the salon with pictures of great hair styles to be told “your hair won’t do that!”.  Bummer.  So I have learned to pay closer attention to pictures of hair styles with hair texture like mine.  Recently, I have been struggling with hair loss.  YES – I hate to think about it but women have hair loss issues too – especially as we get older.  I know the saying is we lose thousands of hair strands a day but with my hair being fine and thin I don’t have thousands to lose!  I have started to become obsessed with my hair because of this reason.  Every morning when I dry my hair I try not to pull too much with the round brush as to dislodge a stand of hair that might have another day of life.  I know it sounds crazy but it is scary.  The bond between a woman and her hair is a bond not meant to be broken.  It is sort of like the story of Samson.  He felt strong and confident with his long tresses but when his hair was cut he became humbled and weak.  I don’t think I am going to become weak; and I know I am not my hair, but I do know it has mentally disturbed me.  I am getting this receding hair line and with the high forehead I already have I feel very self conscience.

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