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Who Says I Can’t Wear OTK Boots?

OTK Boots

A day of shopping at the mall was centered around looking for shoes.  As I have written on my blog before, my shoes have to be comfortable and my feet have to be happy and pretty.  HA.  I have somewhat gotten addicted to the Over The Knee (OTK) boots.  Somewhat meaning I love the way they look but have struggled with whether or not they were for me being a woman over 50.  OTK boots have been around for a very long time but until this year I have never really even given them a second thought.  Because of Instagram, I am paying more attention this year.   Continue reading


Baby Steps to Distressed Jeans

Destressed Jeans 1

If you look at the picture of me above, I am standing proud in my distressed jeans.  If you are laughing at me, I am laughing at myself too.  I love fashion so much – now more than ever, but distressed jeans will take baby steps for me.  I can tell you that I have looked at them in the store before and thought,  “Why would I buy a jean that looks torn to pieces?” I just can’t justify spending good money on something that has holes in it, but this seems to be the style for Fall.  These jeans are from http://www.WhiteHouseBlackMarket.com.  I purchased them two years ago.  I love these “boyfriend” style jeans because they are so soft and fit like a glove.  The jeans at WHBM always fit me well and wash up nicely.  Two years ago was about the time distressed jeans started appearing in the stores as a fashion trend.

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High Heels Over 50


I have been wearing high heels since I was 4 years old.  You may wonder how this can be.  Well, I got my first pair from Santa Claus.  They were pink plastic with the pink fuzzy feathers flowing on the top strap.  I wore then until they cracked to pieces and I have loved high heels since.  Being 5′ 2″, I have never cared much for flats.  I own several pair because there are times when you need a good pair of flats for certain outfits so I have them.  I just find myself not wearing them much.  I would rather put on a nice pair of heels.  I do notice as I get older it is harder to wear heels.  Your body changes and so do your feet.  I had plantar fasciitis about two years ago and had never had it before.  I was in total pain and could barely walk.  I had several friends tell me what it was because they had experienced it also.  It was extremely painful and worrisome because I feared I may never be able to wear high heels again.  It was caused from walking on a concrete floor.  I was working part-time at a retail store and the constant banging of my feet on the floor from back and forth walking had injured them.  They hurt so bad!

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How to Create a DIY Belt in 5 mins!

Belt Pink

Today I had a business meeting downtown.  I awoke this morning wondering what I could wear that looked “business-ey” , fashionable and comfortable.  I selected this blush pink flared sleeve top I purchased this summer.  The blush color is all the rave on the fashion posts I follow on IG.   This one had just a tiny bit of wrinkle to it which I felt added to the style.  I matched it with a slim line black skirt.  Needing something to tie them together, I thought of the black and white gingham ribbon I had purchased to make a belt.  I pulled the ribbon out and thought I could make it work without the belt buckle.  Sometimes belt buckles can come off too bulky.  Below is what I decided to do.  It took 5 minute to throw this together, and it turned out pretty nice.  I even got a couple of compliments on my outfit today too from strangers.  You know you are on point when a stranger tells you how good you look.  : )


I had purchased a spool of ribbon about 2.5 yards.  My waist is 28 inches.  I wasn’t ready to cut the ribbon in half yet because I might use it for something else so I decided to fold it in half.  Once I did , I noticed it was long enough to wrap around my waist twice.  I started in the front and wrapped to the back and around to the front again.  If your waist is larger, you can decide how many times you want to wrap it around your waist to get the look you want so you will know how much ribbon to buy.  If you look above, you will see the loop created naturally due to the ribbon being folded.  I took the free end and put it through the loop, then I pulled it back in the reverse direction and tucked the end of the ribbon under the bottom side of the ribbon at my waist.  This created a nice twist in the front and a wide belt look.  One note is the ribbon has a tiny edging of wire on each end which helped it keep its shape and prevented it from rolling down.  The ribbon belt I made today cost $3.99, and I can use the ribbon for other things if I want to.  I am not a pro-diy -er so if I can do it anyone can!  Don’t be afraid to create it yourself so you save money when trying to get the look you want.  Hope you like it.  Be Blessed!