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Who Says I Can’t Wear OTK Boots?

OTK Boots

A day of shopping at the mall was centered around looking for shoes.  As I have written on my blog before, my shoes have to be comfortable and my feet have to be happy and pretty.  HA.  I have somewhat gotten addicted to the Over The Knee (OTK) boots.  Somewhat meaning I love the way they look but have struggled with whether or not they were for me being a woman over 50.  OTK boots have been around for a very long time but until this year I have never really even given them a second thought.  Because of Instagram, I am paying more attention this year.   Continue reading


Baby Steps to Distressed Jeans

Destressed Jeans 1

If you look at the picture of me above, I am standing proud in my distressed jeans.  If you are laughing at me, I am laughing at myself too.  I love fashion so much – now more than ever, but distressed jeans will take baby steps for me.  I can tell you that I have looked at them in the store before and thought,  “Why would I buy a jean that looks torn to pieces?” I just can’t justify spending good money on something that has holes in it, but this seems to be the style for Fall.  These jeans are from http://www.WhiteHouseBlackMarket.com.  I purchased them two years ago.  I love these “boyfriend” style jeans because they are so soft and fit like a glove.  The jeans at WHBM always fit me well and wash up nicely.  Two years ago was about the time distressed jeans started appearing in the stores as a fashion trend.

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High Heels Over 50


I have been wearing high heels since I was 4 years old.  You may wonder how this can be.  Well, I got my first pair from Santa Claus.  They were pink plastic with the pink fuzzy feathers flowing on the top strap.  I wore then until they cracked to pieces and I have loved high heels since.  Being 5′ 2″, I have never cared much for flats.  I own several pair because there are times when you need a good pair of flats for certain outfits so I have them.  I just find myself not wearing them much.  I would rather put on a nice pair of heels.  I do notice as I get older it is harder to wear heels.  Your body changes and so do your feet.  I had plantar fasciitis about two years ago and had never had it before.  I was in total pain and could barely walk.  I had several friends tell me what it was because they had experienced it also.  It was extremely painful and worrisome because I feared I may never be able to wear high heels again.  It was caused from walking on a concrete floor.  I was working part-time at a retail store and the constant banging of my feet on the floor from back and forth walking had injured them.  They hurt so bad!

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Have We Gone Yoga Pants Crazy?

yoga pants

I ask the questions seriously because I believe we have all fallen and bumped our head.  Everywhere I go I see women in yoga pants.  I mean if your backside looks good and you just went to an exercise class or took a DIY exercise activity then I totally get it.  I find myself running into the grocery store to pick up a few items after I have walked the Ravenal Bridge or even just walked my neighborhood.  No one wants to take a shower and get dressed just to go run an errand – not even me.  But I am shocked at the amount of women of all ages – especially women my age that I see in public wearing yoga pants.  I understand we have become a society of comfort.  I don’t like to wear binding clothes anymore myself.  Sometimes even jeans can be binding.  I had an old friend who wore dress pants a lot; and when I asked why, she told me they were more comfortable than jeans.  After thinking about it, I realized she was right.  Depending on the style and material jeans can be uncomfortable, but yoga pants as a ready to wear item everyday?  They appear to have become a stable part of our wardrobe some women can’t live without.

I am really not judgmental.  I crossed that bridge and left it behind when I turned 50 – thank God for letting go of that sinful act.  But I must say, there are some things I still question which may come across as judgmental.  Please know that everything and anything I say in any of my blog posts are meant out of love and respect for women – especially women over 50.  As a member of  Team50Plus, (I will call us), I know how hard it is to stay in shape.  I struggle with that myself, and I know how hard it is to find the right clothes to make you feel good about yourself.  The list can go on and on about what we face after we turn 50.  I understand completely.  This is why I am even writing this post because I get it.  What I am trying to tell you is Do Not Give Up On Yourself!  Wearing yoga pants as an essential part of your causal attire everyday or almost everyday is giving up on yourself and being lazy.  That is just my opinion.  Remember I am saying this out of love and respect.  You are better than that woman who gets up saying “What the hell.  No one cares what I wear!” You should care.  Be your best self every day and do not expect anything less from yourself.  Now, I am not combining leggings with yoga pants.  I love a nice black pair of leggings in the Fall and Winter with a cute long shirt and a nice pair of boots or ankle booties or sometimes heels.  There is a difference.  You may say, I don’t care what I wear and believe me it will show.  If you really feel this way, you go be you and wear it proudly, but I can bet deep inside you really don’t feel this way.  No one wants to give up on them self.

As a single female, I am praying for a Christian husband.  I was married for over 25 years and I can truly say, I always got up and got dressed and fixed myself up nice for ME (unless I was sick)  – not for my husband.  He was just the benefactor of a wife who took pride in herself.  I had married friends ask me all the time why do you always dress up even on the weekends because I want to feel good about ME.  I love to wear yoga pants at home too.  So I do make exceptions depending on my day and what I have planned; but if I go out for anything other than exercise, I dress for where I am going and what I will be doing.  I encourage you to look in the mirror every day and ask yourself “How do I want to feel about myself today?” Your choice in clothes will reflect this to the world and to your brain.  If you feel bad, it will show.  If you feel good, it will show.  Our mental attitude triggers everything we do.  It is like getting out of the bed in a bad mood; if we do and we don’t shake it off asap, we will spend the entire day in a bad mood.  As I mentioned in my precious post about What’s in my closet, I made a statement to make every day a fashion show.  I love this idea because it makes me wear the clothes in my closet I spent money to buy.  If I wore yoga pants 75% or more of the time, I would never get any wear out of my clothes.  It also helps me to create the attitude I want to have about myself.

If you read this post and decide I can go take a flying jump : / , please do yourself one favor.  Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and make sure your yoga pants are not too tight and the top you have selected covers your rear end and you wear some cute type of shoe.  Dress appropriately even in yoga pants.  The shoes in this picture are some of my favorites.  I don’t wear a lot of flats but I love these.  You don’t have to buy what I picked out or even anything expensive.  There are so many cute tennis loafers or sneakers you can pick that match your style.  I saw some recently at Target for $30.  Nothing you wear has to be expensive.  I can promise you.  My clothes are from TJMaxx and the total outfit was probably around $25.  I always stick with basic colors for exercise clothes when it comes to the pants.  I want to be able to get a lot of use out of them.  I tend to pick a colorful top to liven myself up.  One last comment and I will leave you alone to yoga on your way, you can fake the public every time you go out with the right accessories.  Be Blessed!


Fabulous Tuesday

How I am eeling today on Tuesday, August 8, 2017?  Let me show you!

I have buyers today and we are looking at beach property in Wild Dunes – one of my favorite places.  Super excited.


For a quick fashion tip, I love to add color to my outfit.  I spent years in corporate American for a major textile company flying to Wally World in Arkansas.  I remember the first time I went to meet the team at the airport.  I walked up in a coral fitted dress and everyone else was wearing black.  I felt like an odd ball.  I quickly found out that as much as you travel for business you tend to get stuck in two colors – black or grey.  I overhauled my entire wardrobe to be just about all back and white.  You just wait, you will see it.  The difference now is I have learned to put that pop of color back into my style.  Not going to find me weighted down in all back anymore unless it is a special event requiring it.  This outfit is one of my favorites.  I posted the twirl so you can see how fun it is.  I believe in being yourself.  Letting your sense of style shine through because style tells a lot about a person.  Don’t you agree?  This is a White House Black Market outfit.  It makes me feel amazing!  Shoes are Nine West and perfect for walking all day.  Hope your Tuesday was as fabulous as mine!

What’s in my closet?

Closet pic

I would love to say that I have a very organized closet. I do have a ritual of pulling it all out and putting it all back in very organized at least once a year. I put the whites with the whites, the jeans with the jeans, and color coordinate the colors that go together for long shirts, short sleeve shirts, dresses, skirts, blah blah blah…I really do. I promise. And, the picture above is only half of my closet – thank goodness. I couldn’t live with a small closet. The behind the door view you don’t see are my dresses, long formals, and party attire because even though I wear a lot of dresses living in the “Low Country” because it is so much cooler to wear a dress, I don’t find myself going to the parties or formal events I would like to go to. I wish I did and maybe one day I will because I need to get out and socialize more!

I am a very low maintenance woman and glad of it! I like certain things but I have discovered that I can get by with other things if I have to. I am not going to go home and pout or stomp my feet if I can’t get what I want. I have purchased the expensive clothes and the cheap clothes and have learned I can do a little of both depending on what I am buying and where I am going to wear it. I have also learned that just because it is on sale doesn’t mean it is for me. In my 30’s when I was raising my children, I was determined to buy as much as possible on sale when it came to my clothes. What happened was I bought things more because of price and not because I really liked them thus having them hang in the closet for years or only wearing them one time. The crazy thing is I look back at the old pictures of myself and think Oh My Gosh, why did someone not tell me I looked hideous! Well, maybe not hideous but you know what I mean. We can be so critical of our own self when it comes to everything especially clothes and our hair!

I have learned to follow two new rules. Rule 1: Do I really need this or am I spending money to spend money? I must say Pinterest has changed my life. Yes for sure. After my divorce, I started getting on Social Media and discovering a world I had not really had time to discover before. Someone told me about Pinterest, and I fell in love. I really did. The biggest thing I started noticing on Pinterest was the fashion. It helped me learn to accessorize. I would see a black shirt with a red top and a black handbag and shoes. I would think, “Hey, I have those things in my closet.” Then I would go pull out my black skirt, red top, and black high heels and lay it out on the bed. Looking at the Pinterest post and my own clothes, I realized what a great way to use Pinterest as my stylist. I thought I had a sense of style before, but this was going to help me feel so much more confident about my style. Every morning I would get up and get on Pinterest to figure out what I was going to wear to work that day. If I saw something I liked but I was missing a small part of the look, I would just go purchase it. Maybe it was a belt or a yellow top, it was always something minor. I started getting so many compliments on my outfits from friends and co-workers. I even had a few women tell me they love watching to see what I was going to be wearing the next day. WOW – Really? That is so crazy. I was just trying to build up my own confidence and feel good about myself as well as save money and use what was in my closet. I never thought I would become someone anyone would watch for fashion (that may not be good grammar – sorry : / ). I realized that day I had discovered how much I loved fashion. I also realized how important it is to look your best because you never know who is watching. I want to feel good about myself and show women over 40, over 50 and beyond that you can look and feel great in your own clothes.

Rule 2: Does it look good on me? I see a lot of clothes I like and when I go to the dressing room and look in the mirror I cringe. My daughter has been so much help in telling me the truth – Yes, Mom that looks good to No, Mom that looks awful. However, most of the time I shop alone and when you do this, you really have to be honest with yourself. If it doesn’t enhance me in some way, I won’t buy it. I have also learned to see the vision of what I am trying to achieve. I know you are wondering what does this mean. Well, if I see a picture on Social Media I think I like and I think I can wear at my age, I venture out to fine it and try it on. Putting together my recent find was a wrap blue jean skirt and an off the shoulder peach chiffon top. It is so pretty and the blue jean skirt has a made on the side bow tie. I am sure I will be posting it eventually as this is an outfit that I can wear into the fall. What I had the hardest time finding was the skirt I had in my head. I was determined I wanted this one particular style skirt. It might have had something to do with the 30 something Mom blue jean skirt I once wore looking like an old maid. I wanted something more fashionable and eye catching. The day finally came when I found it. Yes, I could not believe I found exactly what I had envisioned in my mind. It was at a little shop called Versona. I quickly ran into the dressing room and slipped it own. Looked up in the mirror and said – Oh My Gosh, this looks terrible! Sadden, I slipped it off and left in heartbreak because I had thought about this skirt all spring. A few weeks later I was still thinking about this skirt. It hit me that why can’t I make it what I want it to be? The skirt was long and hit my shin area so at 5’2″ I looked like a dwarf. I decided I could have it tailored and it could be shortened to be exactly what I wanted. Fingers crossed I went back to the store to feverishly look for this blue jean skirt and there it was on sale! WOW what a find. It had been drastically marked down to under $10 dollars. I mean God is so good right ladies? This was a huge relief because I have recently been doing my own alterations because the price has gotten so high. I am not about to pay $25 dollars to hem a skirt that cost me under $10. I took a deep breath and cut thinking well if I mess it up then I have not lost a lot. After hemming it the perfect for me knee length, I looked in the mirror and there it was the look I had envisioned in my head. It looks so good and I have gotten so many compliments on it.

One last comment I must share about fashion, especially for women over 50, I am not an expert. I learn something all the time about everything – even clothes. The biggest thing I have learned is stay in your lane meaning if you are over 50 – do not try to look 30 or 40 but do not try to look 50 or 60. I know this is a crazy statement which makes no sense to some of you or maybe it does. I am over 50. I still wonder into stores my daughter likes such as H&M and to see what I can find, but I am smart enough to know I have to look at items that work for my age without making me look like a lady of the night or a grandmother! Understand? Find that middle spot that makes you feel elegant and age appropriate. You don’t have to look your age (I’m trying not to) but you don’t have to look ridiculous either. If you don’t have a daughter to tell you NO, maybe you have a BFF who will tell you – unless her style sucks! LOL – then you might be in trouble but you know what I mean. Find that one honest person who loves you enough to want you to always look your best. I hope this hasn’t offended anyone. I said I would be honest in my blog posts and from this you can consider me your friend because I am telling you the truth.
On a side note about being honest, I recently told a new client from Texas she needed a shopping day with me. I did! I thought about it for a few days and then I had to tell her. I was like “I need to take you to Chicos and help you pick out some outfits to liven you up.” (I can’t even wear Chicos the clothes don’t fit me but she looked like a perfect match for the Chicos style). She looked at me puzzled as she stood there wearing a man’s white Polo shirt and black leggings. This woman has enough money to never work again but she has no children or girlfriends to shop with so she never goes shopping. She reached over and gave me a hug. She told me that was exactly what she needed to hear from someone who cared about her. She has felt so old and she is just a little over 60. I believe in empowering women especially with words of encouragement even when it comes to clothes. I was not about to let her leave me without telling her she was so beautiful and to play her best self to bring out her true spirit. She admitted to me she had been depressed so there you go. I think this was just what she needed to hear. I know I may get a lot of “Women Libbers” who will tell me to be ashamed of myself for telling her she needs a fashion makeover, but I am not ashamed. I am a “Woman Lover” meaning I love to lift women up to be their best self and fashion is only one way of doing that. I try to make everyday a fashion show because it makes me feel good about me! God Bless!

Happy Monday

Me in Kit1

Sharing this pic again in my Fashion and Beauty section for anyone who wants to know about my comfy knit dress.  #WHBM – White House Black Market – one of my favorite stores.  I am finding myself going to the outlet at Tanger Mall more these days as I can’t convince myself to pay above a certain price.  I am getting to be a cheapskate in my old age.  It is super comfy and washes up so nice.  Just hang to dry.  Shoes are from Nine West.  I think Nine West make really nice shoes.  I get so many compliments on them.  They have block wood heels and have held their shape nice with all the walking I do on construction sites.  You can’t see my earrings but they are red tear drops.  Very pretty and old!  Too old to remember where they came from.  I am always looking for something comfortable and nice to beat the Charleston humidity!