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Treat Yourself to the Dry Bar


I had the pleasure of an invitation to The Dry Bar in Charleston, SC on Kings Street recently.  I had never really thought much about these types of places as I felt they were more for the younger girls.  When I received this invite, I accepted because I felt this was my chance to go and get a first hand preview of the experience.  I was so glad I went and had a great time. It was more than I expected.

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Do People Really Care About Good Customer Service?

This is a blog post I have thought about for a while.  I will start off by saying I speak totally from my own perspective and am not trying to hint or elude to any one person or company.  This is totally my take on how I feel about customer service.  It has gone to S@#% not only in my industry but all industries in general.

I have been a Realtor for 15 years plus.  I have always pride myself on giving the BEST customer service I can provide.  I have gone out of my way to help my clients and customers from running over to make up a bed before a home showing to getting their grass cut if the house was vacant.  I do have my limits of course but I try to be as helpful as possible because I would want the same done for me.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total E 1

Today will live in my mind forever.  I had not really been too excited about the eclipse at all before today.  Tons of people flowing into the Charleston area to get a look at something that did not seem like a big deal to me.  I almost thought about “blowing it off” but I woke up this morning and decided this was history in the making.  I had to go.  It would be the last one I would ever see in my lifetime.  It is hard being a party of one.  I give myself a pep talk about getting out and doing things on my own.  I can do it.  I need to get out and enjoy life more often because I live in a beautiful place.

I decided if I was going to go see this magnificent sight I needed to go where my heart always leads me – the ocean.  I am a sucker for the ocean.  I feel it is the closest place to God for me – even closer than church.  Weird I know but the beauty of this creation is one none other can compare – except the birth of a newborn baby which over rules them all because it is giving life.  The ocean comes in as number two.  Dressed and ready to go I headed to Downtown Charleston.  I always have to plan in advance about where I will park and what I will do when I get there.  Safety is always on my mind.  I wanted to enjoy this event and not wish I had stayed home.

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Fabulous Tuesday

How I am eeling today on Tuesday, August 8, 2017?  Let me show you!

I have buyers today and we are looking at beach property in Wild Dunes – one of my favorite places.  Super excited.


For a quick fashion tip, I love to add color to my outfit.  I spent years in corporate American for a major textile company flying to Wally World in Arkansas.  I remember the first time I went to meet the team at the airport.  I walked up in a coral fitted dress and everyone else was wearing black.  I felt like an odd ball.  I quickly found out that as much as you travel for business you tend to get stuck in two colors – black or grey.  I overhauled my entire wardrobe to be just about all back and white.  You just wait, you will see it.  The difference now is I have learned to put that pop of color back into my style.  Not going to find me weighted down in all back anymore unless it is a special event requiring it.  This outfit is one of my favorites.  I posted the twirl so you can see how fun it is.  I believe in being yourself.  Letting your sense of style shine through because style tells a lot about a person.  Don’t you agree?  This is a White House Black Market outfit.  It makes me feel amazing!  Shoes are Nine West and perfect for walking all day.  Hope your Tuesday was as fabulous as mine!

Happy Monday

Me in Kit1

Sharing this pic again in my Fashion and Beauty section for anyone who wants to know about my comfy knit dress.  #WHBM – White House Black Market – one of my favorite stores.  I am finding myself going to the outlet at Tanger Mall more these days as I can’t convince myself to pay above a certain price.  I am getting to be a cheapskate in my old age.  It is super comfy and washes up so nice.  Just hang to dry.  Shoes are from Nine West.  I think Nine West make really nice shoes.  I get so many compliments on them.  They have block wood heels and have held their shape nice with all the walking I do on construction sites.  You can’t see my earrings but they are red tear drops.  Very pretty and old!  Too old to remember where they came from.  I am always looking for something comfortable and nice to beat the Charleston humidity!

Fashion after 50 – It’s about feeling good about yourself!

Fashion 1

Happy Sunday!  Heading to church today and always wanting to look my best even though my church is very laid back I still like to dress up.  Wearing one of my favorite dresses today from the Escapada Signature Store in Mount Pleasant, SC.  It is so comfortable and I love the bell sleeves. Colors are aqua blue and corral with aqua blue earrings.  Trying to get in a couple more wears before fall sets in even though we just started August!  I am wearing size Small for reference.  Shoes are from Target and so comfortable.  They are suede lace ups with a wooden block heels.  Looking at this picture it’s screaming at me to eat healthier!  My weight this summer has been up and down even though I only currently weigh 121.4,  I look heavier.  That is what happens when you are 5′ 2″ !  Not promoting clothes etc. just sharing where I purchased in case you want to know.