The Power of One!

Number 1

Why is the number 1 so important?  Because, there is this unknown power in it.  How do I know this?  Well, it is simple!  The number 1 represents the beginning of everything meaning the first or start of anything that happens in life.  It all starts with ONE.  One person, one thing, one object, one word, one – whatever.

I recently started my own company and the last two weeks I have been interviewing agents.  I have had several tell me they are excited about joining my new office and they will think about it and get back to me.  However, no one has moved over yet.  Maybe it is because they are waiting on that one person to take the leap of faith and be the first ONE?  I too am waiting for that first ONE because I know as soon as that first one joins everything will change.  It is a reckoning to others that it is safe/okay to make a move to something new.  Why do we need this reassurance?  Why is it that anything we want to do we can’t just simply do it because we feel it is good for us?  Why do we have to stand on the sideline and wait for that first person to cross the finish line to prove to us it is okay to cross to the other side?

What most people don’t realize is being the ONE – the first person to lead the way in anything in life is a game changer.  The ONE who is most remembered.  The winner!  The trendsetter!  The game changer! – No one remembers number 2, 3, 4, etc.  They just remember number 1.  It takes a lot of courage to be number 1.  To listen to the voice in your head to do what is right for you and not base your decision on what someone else does.  How do you know what someone else does is even going to be right for you?  You don’t.  Maybe that is where mistakes are made because we have stopped thinking for ourselves and relied on watching what others do to decide what we need to do.  Well that is something to think about huh?

I have always been my own person.  It has been hard because a free thinker with an opinion and a free will to make my own decisions is not often accepted graciously in this world.  People look at you sometimes like you are crazy, rebellious, not a good fit, etc.  It has taken me years to realize it is not me who has an issue.  It is them.  Why must I conform to what I do not believe?  Why should I base my life decisions on waiting and watching what someone else might or might not do?  If I believe in myself, I will be confident enough to at least try even if I fail.  Then I can only hold myself accountable for any good or bad decision I made in my life.  Yes – not every decision I have made has been the right one but I look at my life with the old saying in mind.  It is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.  Regrets in life can be one of the biggest disappointments in life next to our faith in mankind.

I have not always taken every first step I have wanted to take.  I too have waited in fear of the unknown.  I think that is a normal experience we all take.  Waiting and watching as if life is some sort of a gamble – but it is.  We are not guaranteed anything will be 100% successful, but I can tell you the fear of not taking a chance can also be no guarantee of not losing either.  So who will be number 1.  It just takes 1 – haven’t you heard that saying before?  Will you wait and let life pass you by or will you chose to be a trendsetter – a leader – a mover and a shaker?  The older I get the more I feel compelled to be that person.  To not be afraid of the unknown.  Beside, what do I have to lose anyway?  I have been down before and I have gotten up again to start over.  I think we all have.

So as my new company waits on the ONE that will be the beginning of everything for their future and mine.  This person will be my number ONE.  The person I remember for the rest of my life.  The one that I will hold dearest in my heart for helping me make my dreams come true.  My One!  So, I ask you – Are you a number 1 in your own life?  Are you someone who has your own mind, makes your own decisions, colors outside the lines, steps out of the box because no one remembers who came in last.  Don’t be last.  Be Bold!  Ready, Set, GO!



  1. Aww this is a beautiful post Cynthia! One is so important . I am excited for you to get that number 1 to sign up with your firm. If I was an agent I would be knocking your door down to join you!! I can see this past year or so how , loving, caring and compassionate you are . I hope the one is close to joining you. I need to be bolder in life myself , I needed your boost to do that!! Have a lovely weekend Dear, hugs, Terri xo.


    • Hi Terri – God gave me my ONE today. I am super excited and blessed. I thought what an amazing day to write this post and the shortly after get my first agent. I told this young man of only 30 years old he would be someone I would remember the rest of my life. I got a little teary eyed when I told him because it is so true. I also heard today I am getting 3 more new agents in the next week. God is amazing! Hugs to you to sweet friend! Cynthia xo


  2. anstalmi says:

    Interesting that you are writing about the number 1. Have you read much about Numerology? I studied it and did some charts for people. I am a 1 Life Path! I wonder what you are. Might be interesting to look into.

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    • Funny you should say that because I have read some information about numerology a few years ago and I do believe there is something to it. My favorite number is 5 – I recently found out that the number 5 represents God’s Grace in the Bible. A good friend of mine told me that. So How do I find out what my Life Path is? Where can I read more about it online? Cynthia : )


    • PS: I also read online not long ago that seeing the number 11:11 – which I often see a lot on my clocks or watch means you are going in the right direction with your life. I hope that is true! Even if it is not, I will believe it is anyway – : )


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