The Christmas Kiss

Well, Hello There!  It has been a while since I have had the time to write on my blog – forgive me if you were wondering what I had been up to lately.  Well, I have been very busy getting my systems and procedures in place for 2018.  It is going to be a fantastic year!  I am chillin today as you can tell from my photo above.  Giving myself a chance to rest.

I recently moved to a new real estate company and the transition took more time than I had expected.  For one, the owner decided all new hires have to take 2 weeks of testing regarding reading a book, watching videos of presentations, reading manuals etc.  I was about to lose my mind for those two weeks since I have been a professional Realtor for 15 years and all of it is like second nature to me but the kicker was the open book test.  They asked questions about things I had to read or watched the videos etc. to know the right answer.  Thank goodness that is over.  Trying to work my real estate business, do all this testing “stuff”- thinking of another name for it but you know!  ha ha – and I picked up a part-time job at a retail store a few nights a week during the holiday season was about to get the best of me.  All good now!

So, to the Christmas Kiss story which I hope you are eager to hear about.  I have spent my year living in a place of learning patience.  With patience comes faith in God.  You can’t have a small amount of faith and achieve big goals!  EW!  I think I need to write that down and tell people.  I think I just came up with a saying I should copy write.  ha ha but it is true.  You can’t.  So this past year has been about learning what true patience really means and knowing that patience is just another word for having true faith in God.  As the Sunday’s pass at church, I always write several things down on my list of prayers.  One is always to meet the right person to share my life with.  I am still waiting but this Christmas was made special because I was given a surprise I had not expected at all.

I have not been on a dating website in over 4 years and even when I was on it – I did not enjoy it.  It is just not my kinda thing.  That is why I have relied on having faith and patience in waiting on God to send someone my way.  He knows what is best for me any way.  So when I was on the dating website, I had a profile but no picture.  Clearly in the profile it states – I attend church so if you are not a believer in God or go to church please pass me by.  As for you, please do not judge me if you do not attend church or believe in God.  I hope that you do, but I don’t judge anyone – I pray for them.  I know in my heart what I want in my life based on a failed marriage and a couple of failed relationships.  The Bible says you must be equally yoked to be a match.  So, I am looking for someone who is my true match.  Comparability is the strongest characteristic two people can have to be life long partners or even just life long friends. So no picture and just my profile is all that was on the site.

I received an email from the site saying someone was requesting my photo.  I thought to myself – I have not been on this site in 4 years.  Who is this person.  So I logged into the site and looked at his profile.  It was very similar to mine and I felt if he wanted to see my photo then he had to have read my profile first which is a great way to score points with me because he read what I wrote.  I decided to in-boxed him and tell him to find me on Facebook and give me his name so I could look him up on Facebook too.  We did and it gave us both a chance to make sure we were real and not some sort of crazy person!  You have to be very careful these days.  I don’t really trust dating sites.  A few days later he texted me asking for a lunch meeting.  When I got out of the car, he was parked right beside me and we did not know it.  He walked up to me and said “Hi Cynthia – you look exactly like your picture on Facebook.”  I laughed and said well I want to be a true representation of who I am so thank you and so do you as well.

Lunch was nice and then later that day he texted me asking for dinner the same evening.  I normally would have said no but I wanted to say yes so I did.  We met again that evening and talked about a lot of things.  How we feel about our lives and what we want from the years to come.  We both want to live a positive life.  We both believe in God.  We both attend church.  We both have been disappointment from the past because we agree we made the wrong choices but it has shaped us and led us to where we are now.  The connection was a great one and if nothing else develops I have a nice new friend.  You can never have too many friends in life.  As he walked me to my car, he kissed me.  It was totally unexpected.  It was nice and soft and sweet.  I had a rush of emotions about how much I missed just being kissed.  How much I missed having someone in my life who cares about me.  As I left I thanked God for the experience and the kiss.  I think he knows it was on my Christmas list even though I had never prayed for it.  Maybe he knew it from the longing in my heart.  I know it was hidden there.

God knows our hearts and our desires.  God knows everything.  I texted my new friend to tell him on Christmas Eve that I wanted him to know how much I appreciated meeting him and how special he made my Christmas with the kiss.  It made me feel special and that was something I had not felt in a long time.  Something so simple as a kiss can warm your heart and make you feel alive.  When we are single and not dating, we forget how closed off our minds and bodies are from other people.  Just a small hug from someone can breathe new life into our souls and make us feel alive – not to mention a simple kiss.  I do not know where this will go or even if it will go anywhere.  All I know is God is leading my path and I am okay with it.  I have patience and I have faith – what more do I need?

Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope your holiday was blessed too – even if it was with a simple sweet kiss.  We all need to feel special.  God Bless!


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  1. Hi Cynthia , it has been a while! I figured you were busy so didn’t want to bother you. Its good you are getting a chance to chill out, I love both pics of you , and such a cute outfit on you by the Christmas tree. I was definitely eager to hear about the Christmas kiss ! Is that a hallmark movie ? We need to have great faith in God , he can do wonders for us!! It is nice to get a surprise once in a while, how nice for someone to request your info. It must have been exciting to go on the lunch date and then dinner that same evening!! Its great you both attend Church a good common ground . I am sure the spontaneous kiss was so nice to receive! It was nice to tell him how he helped make your Christmas . A little act of affection can go a long way. We do need to feel special and I am so happy for you Dear! Keep me up to date on events, Hugs and happy new year, Terri xo.


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