Who Says I Can’t Wear OTK Boots?

OTK Boots

A day of shopping at the mall was centered around looking for shoes.  As I have written on my blog before, my shoes have to be comfortable and my feet have to be happy and pretty.  HA.  I have somewhat gotten addicted to the Over The Knee (OTK) boots.  Somewhat meaning I love the way they look but have struggled with whether or not they were for me being a woman over 50.  OTK boots have been around for a very long time but until this year I have never really even given them a second thought.  Because of Instagram, I am paying more attention this year.  

As I scroll through my IG favorites, I am noticing more women over 50 who are sporting the trend.  It excites me to see so many mature women tastefully wearing the OTK boots as part of their fall fashion trend.  We tend to think as we get older we are no longer stylish or sexy but we are!  We just have to be confident in our choices when picking clothes and shoes so we stay stylish and fashionable.  So as I scour the mall to find the perfect pair  I can feel comfortable in at an affordable price because I am not about to drop a grand for a fashion trend, I venture into a long time department store – Belk.  Now Belk has lost some of its charm and excitement for me over the last 5 years as they have gotten too much like a discount store.  Clothes everywhere and too much stuff clogging the aisle to the point it makes it hard to shop.  The buyers for Belk don’t seem to stay up on the trends regarding what is in style so there is a LOT of polyester and knit fabrics for women over 50.  I don’t buy my clothes at Belk, but I love their shoe department and they have a great handbag and make-up department which makes it worth the visit to their stores.

Shoe sales are always great and on this particular day the shoe department was packed with crazy female customers flinging shoes everywhere.  I stepped around the piled up shoe boxes on the floor to the shoe displays and saw an OTK boot which looked like it just might be the one for me.  Looking for one that was not too high of a heel and something stable I could walk in and feel secure enough to feel sexy but not look or feel like a teenager I spotted just the right boot.  It was an OTK black suede boot with an inside zipper which made it easy to get on and off.  The boot pulled up over my knee and had a split opening in back which I thought looked sexy and stylish.  I was lucky enough to be in the store during what they call a door buster sale event so the boots were drastically on sale for $29.99.  I was thrilled to pay such a low price because with this type of fashion trend at my age I might not be wearing it next year or even next month depending on how I feel wearing them.  I felt it was a great buy to try something new and decided to go for it.

As I dressed for work yesterday, I put on a cute black dress and my new OTK boots.  I looked in the mirror and thought – “Hey, I look cute today.”  The thought was quickly changed and so was the outfit as soon as I decided the type of day I was going to have required more comfortable shoes and pants.  So off they went for another day.  The funny thing is I had also stopped by one of my favorite stores to see what was new as their holiday fashion goes into stores this week – White House Black Market and saw a young girl wearing a pair of OTK black boots almost like the ones I just purchased.  When I approached her to ask where she purchased her boots, we began talking about the fashion trends and styles.  I mentioned I purchased a pair and was looking forward to wearing them soon.  This young girl was around 30ish.  She looked at me and said, “well as long as you wear them stylish and age appropriately, you should be fine.”  I was quick to tell her, “I am a very classy lady who wears everything stylish and age appropriate and apparently you are not aware of the large number of women my age wearing OTK boots on IG?” She smiled and said no she hadn’t noticed.  Oh well, another example of how the millennial crowd think we are old but I ask you…Who says I can’t wear Over The Knee Boots?!!!  I will try to post some pictures when I wear them so you can help me decide.  Until then…Be Blessed!  



  1. Hi Cynthia, The over the knee boot is a very stylish look! I have seen many 50 plus women wearing them in my area and they look great in them. We all need to feel stylish, it keeps us confident to step out everyday. I don’t have Belk here but the shoe make-up and handbag department sound like a must visit for Me! Good for you buying the boots, and a great price , hard to beat! Looking forward to seeing you modelling them. Who says you cant wear OTK boots? Nobody can say you cant honey! You just step out in them and show that confidence in your new footwear. Have a lovely Wednesday Cynthia, hugs and God bless you, Terri xo.


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