Treat Yourself to the Dry Bar


I had the pleasure of an invitation to The Dry Bar in Charleston, SC on Kings Street recently.  I had never really thought much about these types of places as I felt they were more for the younger girls.  When I received this invite, I accepted because I felt this was my chance to go and get a first hand preview of the experience.  I was so glad I went and had a great time. It was more than I expected.

When I arrived, the place was beautiful and smelt like a dream.  The aroma in the place was addictive.  I loved the look of it because everything was so pretty.  As I scoped it out, I noticed it was actually set up like a bar.  There was a bar with chairs and girls being pampered drinking wine while a bar tender was behind the bar filling up the wine glasses and chatting with the girls to make them feel special.  The stylist I had was very sweet.  She explained to me how you select from a book what style you would like your hair to be styled.  The hairstyles in the book were all names after drinks.  I thought that was a fun idea.

My hair is mid-length to short so I looked for a style that would fit my hair length.  I picked the dirty martini.  It was very piece-y and tousled.  The stylist explained every product she put on my hair from dry shampoo to hair freshening spray.  They all smelt yummy.  When she finished, we made a few minor adjustments and I was good to go.  The experience was fun and truly something I would probably not have done on my own without the invitation.  I suggest you treat yourself at least once to this fun experience.  The costs is a little price-y – $45 – so make sure you do it on a night you are going out on the town to get the full experience of it.  You may want to make reservations because they stay booked.  The younger girls keep the place busy.

Take care of you and Be Blessed!

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