Lace is in the house!


As a girly girl, I am happy to report the new fall trends are lace and more lace.  I can even add that bell sleeves which you will see in stores are trending this season also.  What I love about lace is it is timeless.  It always makes me feel pretty.  The dark jewel tones are so pretty and I feel the fashion designers finally created a fashion trend for women who love being women and showing off our feminine side.

This is the first season I can remember where I want to go out and shop and shop some more.  Everything I see I am wanting to buy.  I know it is crazy but I am loving it all.  This is going to be my year to as Shania Twain says, “Feel Like a Woman”!  I am all for Women’s Lib but I am also all for women being women and having the ability to show our feminine side without another woman claiming we have abandoned our support for women’s rights.  Not true at all.  I think having the ability to look feminine and be strong for women’s rights is even more powerful.  I think every women should wear what they want to wear and I like to wear lace!

This beautiful cranberry lace top has a black velvet ribbon tie around the neck which bows in the back making it even more a favorite of mine.  I purchased it at White House Black Market ( which is one of my favorite stores.  The clothes they have this season are amazing.  They are definitely on trend with what I am seeing on Instagram.  Yes – I keep up with fashion trends.  I think if you want to be in style you have to know the styles.

What are you liking this season?  Are you seeing anything that is a throwback from your high school days?  I certainly am seeing a lot of things I wore in high school coming back now.  Maybe that is why I love it so much.  Another five year trend is leopard.  It is still in style and stronger than ever.  I was a little afraid of leopard when it first become on trend about five years ago.  I thought it was one of those one year things so I only purchase a single pair of shoes.  Now I have two pair of shoes and several tops and a purse.  Looks like it may be just as timeless as lace.


This cute purse came from  I was looking for just the right size and one that would not break the bank because as I mentioned trends are great if they stay a long time but something like a leopard purse is a fashion statement and not a basic item like black.  This one was less than $30 dollars and it is the perfect size.  I really like it because the inside has pockets.  It has ended up being a favorite of mine.  What do you think about the lace and leopard together?  I am loving it and hope you are too.  Be Blessed!



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