Baby Steps to Distressed Jeans

Destressed Jeans 1

If you look at the picture of me above, I am standing proud in my distressed jeans.  If you are laughing at me, I am laughing at myself too.  I love fashion so much – now more than ever, but distressed jeans will take baby steps for me.  I can tell you that I have looked at them in the store before and thought,  “Why would I buy a jean that looks torn to pieces?” I just can’t justify spending good money on something that has holes in it, but this seems to be the style for Fall.  These jeans are from  I purchased them two years ago.  I love these “boyfriend” style jeans because they are so soft and fit like a glove.  The jeans at WHBM always fit me well and wash up nicely.  Two years ago was about the time distressed jeans started appearing in the stores as a fashion trend.

I have decided I like the look but need to take it slow as I always worry about wearing this for my age.  I know I need to get over this and I will!  I don’t want to be the Mom who tries to dress like her adult daughter which oddly enough my daughter doesn’t wear distressed jeans either.  I am transition into the style slow enough to be stylish while being age appropriate for my style choices.  As I have mentioned before, I am the more classic style of fashionista.  I like the slim lines and tailored put together looks.  This is going a bit to my wild side!  LOL – I so wish I had an emoji to insert here with a crying laughing face.  Anyone who knows me understands I struggle with casual wear.  Not that I don’t love it, I do love it.  I just feel more like myself in dress and business apparel.  So part of my “to do list” this year is to learn how to dress down while still maintaining my sense of style.  It will happen.

I have to say my mother who was my fashion icon raised us to be matchy matchy.  Everything we wore had to match from the belt to the shoes to the clothes.  The styles today are more anything goes.  I kind of love this but for a woman who is a tiny bit OCD with her clothes, it can be challenging.  Distressed jeans are going to be one of those challenges I will have to over come.  I am also happy to report I will start working part time at White House Black Market soon.  I decided as much as I wear their clothes (15 year customer),  I might as well work there too.  I am still going to be a full time Realtor – no way I would ever give up the passion I have for real estate.  I just know as fall coming in and it starts to get dark at 5:00 pm , I will be much happier working and staying busy.  PLUS!  I will get to be around something I love – fashion.  I am super excited!

I love getting the first look at new styles and meeting people who love the same things I love – clothes!  So if you are ever in Charleston, come look me up at the store.  OR better yet, if you are ever in Charleston and want to look at homes, please give me a call.  I would love to help you!  Now heading out to survey the damage from Hurricane Irma – Have a Great Day and Be Blessed!

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