Hair Care Tips for Women Over 50

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In the middle of my morning ritual of getting dressed, it occurred to me I needed to blog today about hair care for women over 50 or really any age.  I can tell you I never thought I would need to change my hair care routine as I have gotten older but I did.  About a year ago, I started noticing how dry and brittle my hair had become.  It was getting harder and harder to style.  I am naturally blonde by birth but I do get high lights to keep my gray covered.  The one good thing about being naturally blonde is your gray hair is not as noticeable to anyone else – except yourself.

As it appeared even with bi-monthly high lighting and monthly hair cuts, my hair texture was not only getting dry but it was also getting thin.  I have blog previously about hair loss before, but hair loss can be really scary for a woman over 50 because the chances of it growing back are slim.  We tend to be used to men losing their hair but when a woman does it becomes devastating.  The hair loss I experienced was mostly in my forehead and temple areas.  I did feel a little thinner in the crown of my head also.  It’s hard to explain because when you first notice hair loss you start thinking all your hair is going to fall out.  I do know stress and other things like medication etc. can cause hair loss at any age, and maybe some women never experience this, but I certainly have dealt with it and probably will always.  I won’t tell you how many hairs per day you are supposed to lose for it to be considered normal hair loss.  All I can say is any hair loss is worrisome to me.

I blogged previously about the Vitamins Shampoo I found on  This shampoos and conditioner is really great.  I am continuing to use it with great results.  My stylist can see a huge difference and so can I just in the few months.  I began realizing I needed to make some changes to my hair care routine.  I started paying attention to how hot the temperature is set on my hair dryer and the types of brushes I use.  I turned back the heat from hot to medium on the hair dryer.  Our scalp is delicate so we need to be careful with it.  I purchased copper based brushes which are supposed to help curl the hair while keeping it from being dull and static-key so I don’t have fly-a-ways or have to use a flat iron as much.  Not sure if the brushes were worth the money, but I am still using them.  As with most of everything I will tell you, I have learned from trial and error.  We don’t need intense heat to dry our hair.  I honestly think it could be burning our hair follicles and causing them to die over time and not grow new hairs.  What do you think? Just my opinion of course but who knows it could happen right?

I also watched a tons of videos from some really great hair stylist who teach the best methods of drying your hair to get the maximum amount of shine.  I know as I age and notice the changes in everything about myself, the one thing that stood out second to the hair loss issue was the decrease in hair shine.  A couple of small tips I have learned to help take better care of my hair are:

  1.  Pick the right shampoo for your hair texture.  If your hair is dry, get a shampoo to help with dry hair. If your hair is color treated, get a color treated care shampoo.  The reason salons sell shampoo and condition is to help prolong your hairstyle while also keeps your hair healthy.  I used it think I could just buy something at the grocery store that would be just as good.  Maybe you can but read the label and follow directions.  You get what you pay for.
  2. Use conditioner on the ends only.  I used to put is all over my hair but I only ended up with flat limp hair that would not hold a style all day. My stylist has taught me to only use it where the hair is dry.  I use it in the med to lower area of my hair so I don’t weigh down the roots.  It works better for me this way.  Ask your hair stylist what she recommends for your hair texture.
  3. Towel dry your hair by scrunching your hair.  Do not wrap your hair in a towel or put the entire towel over your head and rub it back and forth.  This causes hair to be frenzy and to break off.  Our hair is delicate.  It also helps keep the conditioner in your hair and helps it to stay shinny.
  4. Use a wide tooth comb on your hair when it is wet.  Anything else can break your hair.  I definitely do not use a hair brush on my wet hair.  The wide tooth comb is the best way to untangle hair while being gentle.
  5. Any product you want to put into your hair goes in your hair first.  Don’t glop it directly on your head.  You can do a better job of distribution all over your head if you start with it in your hand and then rub your hands together before you start applying it into the hair root of your head.  Also, putting it in your hands will show you if you need more of if you have too much so you can adjust the amount because once it is in your hair – it is too late.
  6. Take your fingers and lift up your hair from the root while letting it air dry a bit.  I tend to start working on my make-up so my hair can dry naturally before I put the hair dryer to it.  This shortens down the dry time from the intense heat of the hair dryer. It also gives it more lift too.
  7. When you are ready to use the hair dryer, section your hair off into groups.  I pin the top in a group, each side in a group, the middle section and last the longest section.  I know this sounds like a lot of groups but you can figure out what works best for your hair length.  My hair is med length so I can do this.  Pinning your hair in groups gives you a chance to work on one section at a time while keeping the other hair out of the way.  I start at the bottom close to my scalp and with the hair dryer, I hold it at an angle on medium heat and dry it down the length of the hair strand.  I do this several times until it is dry.  Once it is dry, I can see the shine I have created by drying it downwards and not just in any direction.
  8. After I group dry my hair, I always do my bangs last.  I will admit sometimes I do them first but most of the time last.  I want this area to keep the lift long enough to get a little bit of hair spray.  If I see my hair is drying before I am finished with the hair dryer, I will spray it with a water bottle just enough to keep it wet so I can dry it to get the shine I want.  Then I dry my bangs down first and then to the side if I am trying to get the side swept look which is what I wear.
  9. After my hair is completely dry, I look to see what edges I might need to straighten with a flat iron.  I do not use the flat iron very much.  I only use it to smooth out the small frenzy pieces if I have any.  Sometimes the hair dryer or letting it dry naturally can cause a frenzy section.  If I am okay with everything, I use dry shampoo to lift the root area.  This is a trick my daughter taught me.  Just remember that dry shampoo is white in color so go lightly on the spray.  Even with blonde hair I can tell when I put too much so rub it into the root with your fingers.  I don’t use the brush or comb much after my hair is dry.
  10. Learn to style your hair with your fingers.  If you need to back comb your hair to get lift, do it.  After that you should be pushing and moving your hair into your own personal style with your fingers.  This can look for natural and it will help to not take out the product you have in your hair.
  11. If you need hair spray, which I do living here in this humidity, I use a spray with says – helps with humidity.  I want to make sure it keeps the style all day.  I use medium weight spray.  I don’t like it too movable because my hair is too thin and fine to hold a style unless the spay is not at least medium.  I never use the highest weight spray because I don’t want the helmet head that will cause me problems to wash out later.

I know that seems like a lot of steps for just drying and styling your hair, but it really is not too bad.  I am currently in a state of deciding if I should grow my hair out or cut it short.  This is a yearly thing for me.  I go to the hair stylist with hair pictures from on my phone.  She always listens and recommends a cut and style according to my hair texture.  As we age, we should really pay closer attention to hair tends for women over 50.  The long hair styles like worn on shows such as House Wives of Whatever are not what normal women over 50 wear.  If you can wear it and wear it well, then more power to you.  I just want to be stylish and youthful while not looking old.  I try hard to make sure anything I do to my hair or my fashion wardrobe enhances my looks.  It is a daily balancing act.  I was thinking the other day about the old saying – Age Gracefully.  I thought, I don’t want to age gracefully.  I want to age more beautifully everyday.  Don’t you?  Be Blessed!

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