Move it or Lose it


Yesterday marked the end of Summer.  I am actually sad to see it go.  I am a Summer girl and love being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of life.  I didn’t always feel this way, but I do now.  I find myself more alive when I am outside doing something – anything.  It feels freeing! I chose to mark my Labor Day with a walk on the Ravenal Bridge – aka the Cooper River Bridge.  The name Cooper River was the name of the old bridge before it was torn down and a new one was built maybe 10 years or so ago and named after Authur Ravenal Bridge.  I will let you do the research on who he was.

As I walked the bridge, I am always reminded how important it is to do some form of exercise.  I am an off the wagon on the wagon exerciser.  I start out and get really into it and then all of a sudden I stop.  I never actually know why.  It just happens.  One of my goals is to stay committed to my exercise routine.  I need to learn to be as committed to myself as I am to others!  The one thing I do know is if you don’t move it – you will lose it.  This scares me as I notice my body changing with age and becoming more stiff – especially in the mornings.  It is important to keep moving so you can keep moving.  When I am exercising, I can actually tell a difference in the flexibility of my body such as the ability to stand on one foot and keep my balance.  There is a lady in my community who walks everyday.  I always see her walking down the side walk dressed in her exercise clothes.  She appears to be older than me.  She walks everyday without fail.  I admire her for just getting up and getting out to do her daily walk.  Exercise is so important to our entire system – mind – body – and spirit.  It can be a huge stress reliever and a great way to get your quiet time.

As I walked, I gave myself time to relax.  I kept telling myself I can do it with one step at a time as I took the bridge walk of about 4 miles.  This may have been a little over the top for someone like me who doesn’t walk on a regular basis but I felt good and knew I could do it.  You should always know when to stop.  Don’t push yourself with any exercise program you do but don’t give up too easy either.  Exercise is not fun!  It will make you sore.  Work through the soreness.  Forget the term No Pain No Gain. If you feel any pain, you need to stop.  Our bodies don’t heal as fast as they used to so we don’t need to do anything that will cause us to be down and out for a long period of time.  Pick an activity you will enjoy.  If you do, you are more than likely going to keep doing it.  Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do so just take one step at a time.  Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.  They will tell you if you are able to proceed with an exercise plan or not.  Listen to them.

I used my walk to reflect on my goals for the remainder of the year and the progress I have made (or not made).  I took time to pray as I walked and to be thankful for the beauty of life.  Being of positive mind and spirit will help you in any activity you chose to do even in exercise.  Our minds have to be mentally ready to do anything to be successful at it.  Don’t go out and start trying to run if you have not build up to running by walking first.  Take small baby steps with any exercise plan you decide to start with.  Hiring a coach can also be a good idea.  I have hired many coaches for many different things in my life.  Exercise coaches can be great for anyone – especially people over 50.  They can help with weight, form, posture, etc. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on an exercise coach.  They costs less than a doctor or hospital visit!  I feel better when I exercise.  I think my muscle tone looks younger when I exercise.  My mental state is healthier when I exercise.  It relieves my stress level.  If you don’t move it, you will lose it; so let’s keep moving and working toward a healthy happy lifestyle.  Be Blessed!

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