Here’s to you Mom!

There is not a day that goes by I do not think about my Mother.  She died at the young age of 58.  I think about how I am getting closer and closer to this age and understanding more now, she was not old!  She was a fashion icon, and I never knew this growing up.  I never paid attention much to what she wore.  I remember when I started working for a company my Mother had worked at when I first got married.  I would walk through the plant and the older men would walk up to me and tell me how much I looked like my Mother.  They would say, “Your mother was a beautiful woman.  When she walked through the plant, we would stop and watch her, and we do that now with you.” I always thought that was a sweet compliment.  At the time, I never really understood.  Yes, she was pretty, but  I just knew her as my Mom.

When she died, we went over to her home to clean out her belongs.  This was so hard.  Looking at every single thing she owned and touching everything that belonged to her.  I will never forget the huge amount of clothes, shoes, purses, and costume jewelry she had.  It was massive!  I thought what in the world does she have all of this for?  The amount of black, red, and white clothing and accessories filled her closet.  Looking back I can’t really remember her wearing much of anything else.  That was her signature style.  She was a lover of these colors and so am I.  I see now as I grow into my own style I am a lot like her.  I have always thought I took my looks and body size, being petite, after my Dad’s side of the family.  My Mom was tall and lean kind of like a fashion model.  I never thought I looked like her very much at all. But maybe it is not in the physical looks department we were connected.  I mean I do have a lot of her ways and looks – of course – she did birth me.  I just realize now I have her fashion sense which may be even more important to me as I age gracefully.  I wish I would have recognized what a fashion icon she was when I was younger.  Maybe we could have gone on shopping trips together.

Today, I can’t wear a black or red – or a black, red, and white outfit without thinking of her.  She was so beautiful.  We spent too many years of misunderstandings but one thing for sure is she knew I loved her.  So the two pictures I posted are the last two days of outfits I have worn.  Here’s to you Mom for giving me a style that resembles your own.  A carrier of your legacy.  A lover of all things fashion.  A good gentle heart and a giving spirit.  I love and miss you everyday.  Were do you get your fashion sense?  I bet before you realize it you too will realize you get it from someone in your own family.  We try to be different than our parents and we can be in a lot of ways, but the truth is we always carry the magical gifts they give us even if it is just something as small as good fashion sense.  Thanks Mom.  Be Blessed!

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