High Heels Over 50


I have been wearing high heels since I was 4 years old.  You may wonder how this can be.  Well, I got my first pair from Santa Claus.  They were pink plastic with the pink fuzzy feathers flowing on the top strap.  I wore then until they cracked to pieces and I have loved high heels since.  Being 5′ 2″, I have never cared much for flats.  I own several pair because there are times when you need a good pair of flats for certain outfits so I have them.  I just find myself not wearing them much.  I would rather put on a nice pair of heels.  I do notice as I get older it is harder to wear heels.  Your body changes and so do your feet.  I had plantar fasciitis about two years ago and had never had it before.  I was in total pain and could barely walk.  I had several friends tell me what it was because they had experienced it also.  It was extremely painful and worrisome because I feared I may never be able to wear high heels again.  It was caused from walking on a concrete floor.  I was working part-time at a retail store and the constant banging of my feet on the floor from back and forth walking had injured them.  They hurt so bad!

Being in my early 50s, I was not ready to give up high heels to start wearing the Clark shoes my grandmother had worn.  However, after going to the Clark store (because I had to have shoes) I was pleasantly surprised how up-to-date the shoe styles are now and found two pair of wedges which were perfect for my style. These shoes helped me so much in the protection of my feet with the cushioned soles while helping me to still feel like myself.  Time was the main ingredient in healing the plantar fasciitis.  The main thing I learned was to be very aware of what type of shoe I purchase and only go as high of a heel as I feel comfortable.  Our balance is harder to maintain as we get older.  I don’t know why but it just is.  Don’t be afraid to take a shoe back and get a refund if you don’t feel safe in a shoe after you walk your runway at home (we all have one of those right?).  You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself.  Be confident in your ability to wear the shoe safely.  It is not just about looks and style.  It is about safety and comfort.

My new shoes in the above photo are a little higher in heel than I normally wear but I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.  I plan to only wear them on special occasions but before I do I will practice walking in them until I feel ready to go out on the town or to work.  Getting a shoe broken in can help you feel better about wearing the shoe because it forms more to your foot and helps with stability.  When you go shoe shopping, think about where you plan to wear your new shoes.  How often will you wear your new shoes.  There are tons of styles for cute shoes on the market today.  Being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing high heels.  It just means you need to be more aware of what heel height you are wearing and wear it well!  Be Blessed!



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