Fashion Trends After 50

When you reach the pinnacle of age referring to the top of the mountain age 50 and over, since so many people are living to be 100, should you attempt to keep up with fashion trends?  I think my response would be it depends.  As I love to follow the fashion bloggers on IG, I try to mix it up with blogger ages from the 30 somethings and beyond.  That seems to be the age the fashion designers are marketing to these days.  Sometimes I like the trend and sometimes I think it probably won’t work for my style.  The Kimono cardigan is a new fashion trend I am seeing a lot of on IG.  It appeals to me in the sense that it is like wearing a silk coat which might be nice as we transition into the fall season.  However, when trying mine on today, I felt a little like I was wearing a silk robe over my clothes – kind of like when you are fully dressed and then you decide to do the one last hair spray or perfume thing.  You put on your robe to keep it from spraying all over your clothes.  Oh,  you don’t do this?  Well, I do – sometimes.  HA HA – that must be an old gal trick.

My fashion style is very conservative and classy so trying to incorporate the kimono cardigan is something I am going to have to work on.  I do like the look since I have gotten past the Boho style of it to see the potential of dressing it up to get the classy look which feels more like me.  I love the Boho style on the younger girls who wear it with shorts but I am way too old to get away with this.  OR???? – maybe it is all in my head.  Maybe I need to be more open minded about my style.  This is something I am working on as I venture out to redefine myself and what feels good to me.  As I dressed today, I put on a simple pair of cropped jeans from White House Black Market and an ivory shell from WHBM.  I picked this outfit because I am trying to transition into fall plus the weather is going to be rainy today – BOO!  The shell top is light and flowy which will be great for the Charleston humidity.  I pulled on a pair of taupe suede lace up heels from Target.  These shoes are unbelievably comfortable so this is why I thought I could get away with trying my lavender silk kimono cardigan. A little pop of color to a basic style outfit would give me just the amount of elegance I needed – right?  Well as I said, I felt more like I was wearing a bath robe.

I have decided I do like the kimono cardigan style but not this particular one.  I have already gotten online to see what I can find that is shorter in sleeve and length.  Being 5’2″means I have to really pay attention to how things look on my short petite frame.  I think a black floral might be more of what will feel good on me.  I wear a lot of black in the winter.  So for today, It is a no go which is why I posted a pic with it off.  Stay turned for a pic of the one I ordered today online.  Fashion over 50 should be like trying new foods. Try it and see if you like it and if you don’t – move on.  At least you can say you tried something new.  I will say I may not always follow this saying if I already know it is not my style.  Stay true to your style sense regarding what feels comfortable on you is important but try to have fun too sometimes. We can’t all dress alike.  Being different is a blessing so go be you! Be Blessed!

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