My Love of Comfort in Clothes!

If I am going to wear it, it better feel like a t-shirt.  The older I get the more hypersensitive I become.  I feel like a small child fidgeting around in my clothes trying to get comfortable sometimes and don’t even get me started on wearing a bra!  Yes, I still wear one – but I have started feeling that I must – I mean I have to – be comfortable in my own skin.  The closest thing to my own skin is my clothes.  Not everything I have in my closet is 100% comfortable, and I do have a lot of clothes that are down right not comfortable.  BUT- as they fade away in style or material which ever comes first, I am replacing them with clothes that meet my new demand of stylish yet comfortable!  It has to be pretty, practical, and comfortable.

I am not at a point where I can throw out and start over my entire wardrobe.  I actually still like a lot of my clothes but I do know my desire for comfortable clothes is getting stronger and stronger every time I go shopping which means I am getting more and more picky about what I buy.  I want to look pretty.  I want to look fashionable but I also want to feel comfortable in what I wear.  As I talked in a precious blog about the craze of yoga pants, I forgot to mention as women age we want comfort.  How do we get it?  I think it is all in the fabric the clothes are made from.

A year ago I went to Hilton Head Island with my BFF.  We wanted to get a souvenir. The logical choice was a t-shirt with the HHI name or logo on it.  As I rummaged through the racks touching all of the different types of shirts I noticed the different types of fabric.   I realized the reason I had all these t-shirts from past trips in a bottom drawer never to be worn was because they were stiff and scratchy even after I washed them.  I told my BFF if I bought a t-shirt it had to been soft.  I found the perfect one and love it so much I wear it too often around the house.  This created a mindset that to be comfortable in your own skin (not literally but you know what I mean) you have to be comfortable in your clothes.  Everything I buy now has to meet this standard while still looking fashionable and standing up to the test of time for laundry care.  I am not a dry cleaner lady.  I am a throw it in the wash and dry lady. This is even more the reason the quality of the item has to be good. You can sometimes tell a lot by the fabric it is made from.

The dress below is one of my favorites.  I purchased it last year at Versona in Mount Pleasant.  I wasn’t too sure about the pattern on the dress because it is just white and taupe stripes but what I love is the feel of the dress and the flared style.  This simple t-shirt dress has gotten me the most compliments of any dress I own.  I purchased it more for comfort than fashion but it seems to be a big hit at both. I paired it with snake skin heels by Ann Taylor and some pearl drop earrings.  I don’t like to have too much jewelry on if I am wearing a pattern.  I like the outfit to catch the eye not the distraction of too much like the pattern and a necklace etc.  A good thing to remember is when there is a trend you like, such as t-shirt dress which are a big hit here in the Low Country, think about how you wear it.  Decide if the trend is right for you and then make sure it is something you will enjoy wearing.  Be Bless!


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