Bangs and Hair Loss


First of all, I am not a photographer nor do I have one to take my pictures.  The quality is not what I hoped.  I don’t know all the fan-dangles of enhancing photos.  So I am apologizing in advance for any pictures on my blog that look terrible.

Now, let’s talk about Bangs!  Born with a high forehead (I don’t know who to thank for that!) and not to mention fine thin hair, I have struggled with my hair my entire life.  I go to the salon with pictures of great hair styles to be told “your hair won’t do that!”.  Bummer.  So I have learned to pay closer attention to pictures of hair styles with hair texture like mine.  Recently, I have been struggling with hair loss.  YES – I hate to think about it but women have hair loss issues too – especially as we get older.  I know the saying is we lose thousands of hair strands a day but with my hair being fine and thin I don’t have thousands to lose!  I have started to become obsessed with my hair because of this reason.  Every morning when I dry my hair I try not to pull too much with the round brush as to dislodge a stand of hair that might have another day of life.  I know it sounds crazy but it is scary.  The bond between a woman and her hair is a bond not meant to be broken.  It is sort of like the story of Samson.  He felt strong and confident with his long tresses but when his hair was cut he became humbled and weak.  I don’t think I am going to become weak; and I know I am not my hair, but I do know it has mentally disturbed me.  I am getting this receding hair line and with the high forehead I already have I feel very self conscience.

A couple of things I am doing is I started taking Biotin, and I started using a hair growth shampoo and condition.  The doctor recommended the Biotin, and I had searched on Amazon for the best hair growth shampoo and condition I could afford.  Notice I use the word afford because there are a ton of products on the market which claim their’s to be the best so you can take your pick.  I tend to read reviews before I jump to buy anything regarding health and beauty products – especially when it comes to my hair.  I picked a brand called Vitamins because it was affordable ($45 for shampoo and conditioner) and had great reviews.  I liked the fact it has ingredients I can read such as Biotin and Argon oil.  I want to know what is going on my head and that it is healthy.  This brand is made by Nourish Beaute and FDA approved.  BTW, I am not getting paid to promote this product or any other product I talk about on my blog.  These are just things I have used and like so I want to share them with you.


I have been using these for several months in addition to taking the Biotin and I can really see and feel a difference in my hair texture.  My hair stylist has even commented on how healthy my hair looks and how shiny it is now.  My hair had gotten very dry and was starting to look bridle which was definitely making me feel as if I was getting old lady hair.  OH NO!  Dry and Bridle hair along with dry skin and wrinkles can really make you feel old.  This shampoo and conditioner has brought my hair back to life and made me feel so much better.  With the thinning hair loss issue still stressing me, I decided to try to take as much weight off my hair without cutting it too much.  I really did not want to cut the length of my hair as I am trying to figure out if I should cut it short or let it grow.  I decided bangs might be exactly what I need to change the look of my hair line and take off the weight. I am hoping this will stop me from obsessing over it.

Several things I needed to consider are 1.  Am I too old for bangs?  2.  What if I hate them?  3.  How can I style them to be age appropriate?  I started looking on Pinterest to try and figure out what are the new fall style trends for hair this year.  As I talked with my hair stylist, she told me hair styles today are all mixed and just about anything goes.  Fashion models always lead the trend from clothes to hair but with women over 50 it can be hard.  We have to remember the age group the models are geared toward – so pardon my English – It Ain’t women over 50!  I do notice that women over 50 are making a heck of a come back and starting to be noticed again and not thought of as old.  They still have a long way to go in the fashion and hair department.

Recently a friend of mine cut her hair in a style with bangs.  Of course, she has thicker hair than mine but it looks great.  It seemed to have taken years off her face.  I loved it and I started thinking maybe with my hair loss issues and high forehead this might be the answer to my problem – bangs.  I searched online to find older women with bangs to see if I could find different ways to wear them and all I got was pictures of women with bangs cut straight across like they were cut with kitchen scissors.  I hate standing in the check out line seeing an older woman with a hair style that doesn’t suit her face or she didn’t exactly style it to enhance her beauty. Bangs are one of those styles like going from long hair to short hair once you cut it you are stuck with it.

I think if you are going to wear bangs as with any hair style you need to pick a style that enhances your face not takes away.  I decided I wanted to do bangs again after flipping through old pictures of myself when I really loved my hairstyle which made me feel pretty.  Back in 2009, I had gotten a hair style with brushed bangs that made me feel classy yet sassy.  I hoped I could revive it again now 8 years later.  Could I pull it off now as I am a lot older?   Bangs can cover up our facial flaws but they can also enhance our facial flaws too – such as the wrinkles around our eyes.  Most bangs fall at the very top of our eye brows so the eye becomes the focal point of our face.  I figured I would take a chance and I am glad I did.  My hair stylist listened to me and worked with the vision I had for my new look.  The angled bang cut with wispy layers adds coverage for my problem areas and volume to my hair.  I was going for a more youthful yet softer look with much less maintenance.  This has definitely helped the less maintenance part and I am working on the youthful look with changing out of eye shadow colors etc to soften my eyes.

So far, they have been easy to handle.  No more pulling the round brush to get them in the right position.  If they mess up during the day, I can just take my fingers and brush them to the side.  I do tend to watch to ensure they don’t fall down straight because it totally changes the look I am trying to achieve – the classy yet sassy look : ) .  The weight of my hair feels much more balanced so I don’t feel as one sided with my hair style.   I feel very good about this decision and almost thought maybe I should have done it sooner.  Staying on trend with the new styles that fit my age are important to me so I don’t feel so old and obsolete.  I don’t want to be a woman that is still wearing the same hair style she wore in high school; although, trends come back every 30 years so these women may be back in style now!  HA HA .  As I always say, whatever you decide to do about your clothes or your hair, do it for you.  Decide everyday to get up and make yourself feel beautiful.  It really is not about the clothes or the hair it is about the way you feel about yourself to let your light shine.  My light is shining through in bangs this fall!  Be Blessed.


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