Summerville, SC – A Place of Magic

I got dressed this morning to drive up the road (as we call it – 20 miles from my house) to show homes in Summerville, South Carolina.  I love going to this historical place.  I am always determined to find a route to lead me to the downtown area.  If you haven’t driven downtown to see the beauty of the quaint streets and shops, you haven’t been to Summerville!

Glancing out the window trying to multi-task while driving and watching the road as I look for beautiful historical homes to add to my private memory collection, I spot the local Saturday Farmers Market and make a U-turn.  I am parked and ready to explore what all the fuss is about thinking it will be pretty much like the rest of them with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with a little crafts and homemade home goods on the side.  I have been to Farmers Markets before and I am pretty sure when I first moved to the Charleston Trident Area I came to the Summerville Farmers Market but it has been too long to remember.  I am normally working and in a hurry to my next appointment; so looking as I pass by is the norm for me but it was different today.  I did not hurry.  I did not rush.  I made a conscience decision to stop, be patient, and enjoy the beauty of life.  As I walked the busy streets, I felt like a fly on the wall watching everyone and everything take place right in front of me – from mothers pushing baby carriages, to old men sitting on a brick wall probably discussing politics or all the rain we have been getting, to just the simple sounds of chatter and laughter, and price bargaining.  I discovered the mystery of the magic of Summerville, SC – it is the people.

This revelation came as comfort and a form of acceptance as I walked up to the first booth.  Miles, this young fellow standing behind the Great Harvest Bread Company booth, looked at me with a warming smile.  A simple hello and offer to try a sample of his special Cheddar and Bacon bread or the Cinnamon bread was his first question.  Before he could even finish his sentence, I knew which one I wanted.  Cheddar and Bacon it had to be as who in the South doesn’t like Cheese and Bacon?  We chatted about the Farmers Market and how it starts in April and goes through October to become the Christmas Market from November through December.  I realized the people here are not just vendors but a year round welcoming committee to a wonderful community and they don’t even know it.

Moving along my way, I spotted a southern favorite – Boiled Peanuts!  I was drawn to the booth like a magnet.  One of my most precious childhood memories was Saturday nights in front of the TV sitting Indian style on the floor with my brother and sisters eating boiled peanuts.  I met the nicest man – James Brown and his silent partner (he said), a young gentleman who never said a word but had a pleasant disposition about him.  James told me about his hot and spicy peanuts made with red chili peppers and other local spices to his best selling peanuts flavored with garlic.  I never thought of boiled peanuts and garlic together but he can’t keep them in stock.  James said “I am going to bless you today with a bag of free boiled peanuts.” What he didn’t know is I already felt blessed just by being in his presence and everyone’s else’s at the Farmers Market.  I walked away with a gracious gift of a bag of plain.  Nothing can compare to the original.  For your bag of boiled peanuts email James Brown at  They are delicious!

Wondering around and feeling like I had truly found a wonderland of surprises, I could feel my heart stop.  I am a sucker for homemade soap.  I have no clue why but I would buy a tub full if I had the money.  Maybe it is the thought of them being handmade or the knowledge of the time and special care that goes into each bar of soap to make sure it smells good.  I decided to smell them all and then picked a few to purchase.  Lemon Grass is my favorite and of course Peppermint with Aloe sounded nice so did Chamonile with Bergamot and Lavender which all went into my shopping bag.  The nice lady didn’t seen to understand what a bar of gold she was making to a handmade soap addict like me.  Visit her website at

While trying to decide if I had spent enough money to head home, I could not leave without seeing one last treasure.  The sight of bird feeders and bird baths made out of the simplest things – glass dishes.  All were carefully put together and crafted with a one of a kind style, but I saw more than a bird feeder in front of me.  I saw a lovely couple – a man and his wife who were as beautiful as sweet which made me realize this was more than just a hobby to them.  It was time share together in the quiet place of their home making something they both loved that would give back to nature.  How romantic I think it is but to them I know it is a lot of work!  I knew this would be my last purchase and came up with who to gift it to so I could buy one.  My step-mother is all things birds.  My father buys the bird food to make a weekly round to all the empty feeders to fill them up just to do it again next week.  I felt good about this handmade craft.  It felt special. One of a kind – no other one like it the nice man told me as I made my purchase.  It was more than the bird feeder that made the sell.  It was their warm hospitality.  To order one email Jackie Cook of JD’s Crafts at

Other pictures of my wonderful morning are posted below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them, and remember if you come to visit the Charleston Trident Area, you will have to make a drive to Summerville, SC on a Saturday morning, 30 minutes from Downtown Charleston off Exit 199A, to walk the beautiful streets of the Farmers Market.  Look for Miles, the Soap Lady, James Brown and his silent partner and last but not least the sweet couple of JD’s Crafts.  Everyone I met today said hello and smiled.  It reminded me why I love living in South Carolina.  No one gets in a hurry – at least off the roads that is.  The best things in life really are free if you just stop and smell the fresh produce!

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And I can’t end this post without reminding you, I sell homes in Summerville, SC too!  If you ever want to come visit, please give me a call.  I would love to show you around 843-860-9998 or email me at Be Blessed!


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