Shrug It Off


I have been a female all my life and never wanted to be anything else.  I have always loved everything about being a girl – and now a woman.  I tend to lean more to the conservative style in the more classy than trashy look – HA HA HA – especially now.  I don’t try to look like a 30 or 40 year old because I can’t.  I try to look like ME and looking like me is taking me down several roads of discovery in fashion I seem to be enjoying.  When I go shopping, I am looking at styles of clothes I may not have ever thought about trying on before.  However, I still know my style is conservative yet feminine.  You will never see me in the Hillary Clinton polyester pant suits.  I would rather wear a granny night gown all day!

One of the first classes I took in college was how to dress for success.  Can you believe that was even a college course?  Yes – I was in a business program and it was offered as an elective.  Needless to say, there were no guys in this class – all girls.  The first thing the female instructor said was to always dress for where you want to go in business not where you are now.  That phrase has never left me.  I have always taken pride in making sure I dress professional.  Even in real estate where I see some pretty crazy outfits on my fellow Realtors.  I always dress professional, based on my own definition but to clarify crazy, I mean they might wear shorts and flip flops to sell homes.  Hey, I am not knocking it; whatever works for them, but I would feel weird if I walked up to a new client or any client dressed this way because it is not my style.

Today is closing day.  Closing day is a big deal for me and especially my clients.  I attend every closing as their representative.  Sometimes there are last minute issues.  It is my job to work with the attorney to quickly get them resolved.  I feel the way I dress is a form of representation of them.  I don’t ever want to embarrass my clients.  I know they don’t care what I wear to closing; but if they did, I want them to be proud they have selected me to be their Realtor.  In an area where there are over 7,000 Realtors, it is tough sometimes to compete.  I work hard to do a great job every time and being professional is one of the things I take pride.  Today I picked this black and white outfit I love from White House Black Market.  It is old and one of my favorites.  I keep it in the closet for special occasions.  I am only saying this because I don’t wear the halter top much.  I picked a black skirt (and I have many black skirts) and paired it with a black and white floral halter which I think looks professional and elegant.

As I have gotten older, I struggle with showing my bare shoulders and arms.  Women over 50 tend to build up fat in the worst possible places.  Sometimes I think “How did that get there?  I have never noticed it before.” I am petite in frame so I have to really be careful about my weight (if you read my previous post you know my flaws).  My mother was tall and lean with a big frame.  She was beautiful.  I take after my father’s side of the family who are short and petite – but they are beautiful to me too.  There is one thing I did take after my mother and it is her broad shoulders.  I wish my shoulders were petite and dainty like Susan Lucci but they are not.  Her small frame and tiny shoulders for a woman her age are so pretty to me.  I guess she would be on my list of female crushes.  Now that felt weird saying!  HA HA – but I do think as much as I like her she would enjoy a good southern buttermilk buscuit once and a while – said with love.   I can see she has better control of her diet than I do.

Putting on the halter top and feeling funny about showing my shoulders and arms, I walk back to the closet to consider my options before I pulled the halter off and hang it back on the rack to be admired from a far.  While staring at my What To Wear, I see a lifesaver – a black Shrug.  I remembered purchasing it to wear to an event I felt I might need to take a sweater.  The shrug was perfect to keep me comfortable during my on again off again hot flash mob (not mode because when you start having them you feel like they are coming in mobs).  Look up the definition on Google (my trusty resource for information), it says “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence”. Replace the words Crowd of People and change to Hot Flash for a new definition of “a large hot flash, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence”. Buying a shrug was a great option for my need a sweater – don’t need a sweater hot flash period of my life.

As I pulled the shrug over my favorite halter top, I realized this might work.  I can walk in to the closing dressed professional and comfortable at the same time and when I leave I can take it off.  Problem solved.  The moral of my story is you can shrug it on or off when you need by owning a little black shrug.  As a side note, I am not a fan of any other shrug color than black.  My own personal opinion is a shrug can also look aging on women in general.  I see a lot of different colors of shrugs and how so many women flock to the latest styles they see on QVC, but I can tell you as an honest woman to stick with a basic black shrug.  The color black always looks polished and elegant.  This is just my opinion and the only expert I am is on ME.  Happy Friday!  Be Blessed.


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