About Me…

Family Mothers Day 2017

Well, where do I start?  My name is Cynthia Williams.  I live in Charleston, SC.  I am 54 years old – Mmm – said that with a lump in my throat – as I can’t believe it sometimes myself.  I am 5’2″ tall and have been wearing high heels since I was 4 years old.  I don’t place to stop now.  I have two amazing adult children, Brad and Megan.  They have and are the enjoy of my life.  The best gift God ever gave me.  You will hear more about them later, I am sure.  I have a beautiful grand-doggie, Stella, who loves me unconditionally and a lot of times I need it.  You will also hear more about her too.  I am divorced.  I have been single going on 10 years.  I can’t believe it!  Where has the time gone.  I have been a professional Real Estate Broker in the South Carolina and also in North Carolina for 15 years.  I primarily – at least now – work in South Carolina since I moved to the Charleston, SC area 4 years ago.  I have and am still discovering the things about myself that I like (and dislike).  Excuse me…I mean I want to change.  I have lived in South Carolina my entire life and have always loved living here, especially now that I live in Charleston.  It is the best place in the entire state as far as I am concerned and right now people from all over the country are moving here in droves! So this is just a short snip-it of who I am.  I wanted to introduce myself before I started blasting out all about my life etc…  The picture above is of my children and myself this past Mother’s Day 2017.

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